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Available in 4 sizes:

  • Ember Tray 1225 wide x 420 deep
  • Small 950 wide x 1100 deep
  • Large 1250 wide x 1100 deep
  • Corner 1250 wide x 1250 deep

  • Ember Tray 1225 wide x 600 deep METAL TRIM
  • Small 1000 wide x 1150 deep METAL TRIM
  • Large 1225 wide x 1225 deep METAL TRIM
  • Corner 1225 wide x 1225 deep METAL TRIM


Choose your Hearth Edging option:

  • Black Thin Metal Trim surround
  • 45mm Routed Timber Edge


Multi Slate combines nearly every tone into one unique tile. 

Black, Grey and Sandstone hues can be seen, giving your hearth a very unique finish and connection to any style, in any space. 


Multi Slate Hearths are very diverse in their style; pairing with the tradition home, right through to the modern design. 


The neutral coloured grout brings dimension and boldness to the Slate finish, and helps to define the unique character in every Slate piece. 


Our Slate Tiles are sealed with high-grade sealant for long lasing wear, and continual shine. 

    MULTI Slate Hearth

    Colour: Multi
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