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Available in 6 sizes:

  • Ember Tray 1225 wide x 600 deep
  • Small 1000 wide x 1150 deep
  • Large 1225 wide x 1225 deep
  • Corner 1225 wide x 1225 deep
  • Extra-Large 1225 wide x 1450 deep
  • Extra-Large Corner 1450 wide x 1450 deep


Hearth Edging option:

  • Black Thin Metal Trim surround


Grey Tile Hearths have been selected to suit any space, whether you are traditional in style or yeild a modern touch. 


A range of colour streams run through the Tile grain, which gives you the ability to pair this hearth with any furniture or colour in the room. 


Tiles are easy to clean, and the slight grain is excellent for hiding any dust build-up that may result with a Wood Heater. 

    GREY Ceramic Tile Hearth

    Colour: Grey
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