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Available in 6 sizes:

  • Ember Tray 1225 wide x 600 deep
  • Small 1000 wide x 1150 deep
  • Large 1225 wide x 1225 deep
  • Corner 1225 wide x 1225 deep
  • Extra-Large 1225 wide x 1450 deep
  • Extra-Large Corner 1450 wide x 1450 deep


Hearth Edging option:

  • Black Thin Metal Trim surround


Black Tile Hearths take any heater to next level!

Our classy black tile, with its smooth finish and slight stone-look grain, creates a character in any space. 


Tiles are easy to clean, and the slight grain is excellent for hiding any dust build-up that may result with a Wood Heater. 

BLACK Ceramic Tile Hearth

Colour: Black
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